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Latest and Hottest Property in Singapore

Welcome to the updates on the latest and hottest property in Singapore!

For the past 18 months, the Singapore property market has been growing. In spite of the closed borders and restrictions. Many foreign property buyers have also invested in Singapore real estate online. 

In fact, Singapore had a record investment deal of $7.5 billion as of the third quarter of 2021. This is an impressive 38.7% increase compared to the second quarter. 

You may ask why? 

The reason is the revival of the economy. Singapore is gearing up to out phase the pandemic with the country’s endemic plan. Borders are reopening and businesses are opening up in full force. As such, foreign investors are coming in. Locals are also gaining confidence in the market as life is adapting to the new normal. 

This is also reflected in the Singapore property market. The fourth quarter shows promise of even more growth as Singapore connects with the world again. And I am here to tell you which sectors and harbour the hottest property in Singapore. And can possibly mint you the most profit!

Top 7 channels where HOT money flows!

En bloc sales

En bloc sales are hot as many property owners are willing to collectively sell their aging properties. A notable mention is the Flynn Park collective sale. It was transacted at $1,355 psf ppr or $371 million. Projects in the range of $600 million and below with approximately 600 units are now in demand.

Luxury properties

Luxury real estate has been soaring amid the pandemic. Many foreign investors who wished to secure their investment in a safe property went for luxury houses. Good class bungalows (GCBs) and attractive mansions are also hot in demand. 

In the third quarter of 2021, GCBs alone had $452 million worth of transactions. Some noteworthy sales include the detached home at 11 Queen Astrid Park. Tiktok CEO, Chew Shou Zi bought it for $86 million. And another sale in the same quarter occurred at 3 Bishopgate for $65 million.

Many buyers early this year could not come to the country because of closed borders. So, agents helped international buyers to acquire the properties online. But now, the borders are open. So, the market anticipates a bigger demand for luxury properties from foreign investors.

Amid such high demand, one Luxurious Apartment is currently available and up for sale now! The property in question is at The Sail in Marina Bay selling at less than $1 million. If you want to know more, CLICK HERE!

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Growing innovative residences

Public housing occupies 80% of the city’s population. The Singapore government is set to bring such affordable housing in financial districts. The challenges they face are the affordability of such properties. And that there are no flip buyers who just buy the properties to cash it in. 

This initiative by the Government can prove valuable for foreign investors. You can afford to buy a home near your business location. Because more houses are expected to develop in financial districts. On the cost front, many property buyers are opting for condominiums. They come with more amenities, a playground and nearby schools and F&Bs. So, the price is reasonable and you have the opportunity to live in a comfortable community.

After hour attraction developments

Singapore still lacks the after hours attractions. Night owls in Hong Kong business district can enjoy themselves in nearby clubs and bars. But Singapore still has to play catch up. So, if you can get in the game now, you can take advantage of this. Buying such real estate in the financial districts can be a lucrative investment in the long run. This hottest property in Singapore is on the rise. 


Shophouses in Singapore are something that will never go out of style! From creating a space for F&B to a home, it has its many varieties and options. If you want an expert’s advice on buying an attractive shophouse, connect with me. 

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Family Offices

The pandemic has made many of us vulnerable. Everyone is out to secure their wealth. But many countries including the USA now require a series of documents and paper trails to keep your money in their banks. It is posing wealthy affluentials many restrictions. Because they cannot easily move around their money. 

Some countries subject their wealth to hefty taxes. While there are others who could cut a significant amount of your wealth if there is any gap in your documents.

The pandemic is changing rules all over! So, it is hard keeping up with all requirements. But losing your money is even a bigger worry. Singapore in that aspect is transparent and clear on foreign investment. 

There is a record number of family offices set up in Singapore.  With borders reopening, the demand is even higher. You can set up a family office here to secure your wealth with maximum mobility. There are also a number of lucrative investment prospects to grow your wealth. And you can take this opportunity to invest in this attractive property. Especially, if you are too looking for a safe way to manage your wealth.

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The offices in Singapore are still in the recovery phase. With the hybrid lifestyle in practice, the monochromic office buildings have aged out. Despite having the highest vaccination rate in the world, workplace activity has dropped by 25%. More people now prefer working in a hybrid environment. So, office buildings with attached residential housing are more on the rise.

People also avoid crowded places now. They don’t want to flock to shopping malls during their lunchtime. So, office buildings with cafes, restaurants and other home amenities are more attractive to property buyers. With such a structure, they can live near the office. And fulfill their daily needs with minimum exposure to the outside world.

Popular Property District for Hottest Property in Singapore

Central Business District (CBD) 

If we talk about areas, CBD is the hottest place right now. Have you heard about the freehold Robinson Road building? An Indonesian tycoon, Tahir is purchasing the strata units at S$260 million. The building comprises 80% offices and 20% F&Bs. 

The magnanimous 70,700 sqft strata space is priced at S$3,650 per square foot. If you buy any F&Bs in a nearby area, it may cost you about S$4k psf. So, properties are not only in demand in the CBD but also reasonably priced.

Both CBD residential and commercial sectors are hot in demand. The country depends on foreign firms in the business district. Because they are currently worth over $50 billion. So, Singapore is making extra effort in making Singapore real estate a place for modern-day investors. 

Which properties are the hottest in the CBD Area?

In 2019, Singapore’s government started encouraging building owners to develop more mixed-use buildings. Now, they are imposing developers to build privately owned public space in office compounds. 

The [email protected] Square is an excellent example of that. Comprising a large concourse with rows of bars, it is now home to the likes of Citigroup Inc. and Inc. With AI-friendly technology and a hybrid lifestyle, the property dynamic in Singapore is having an innovative change.

Mixed buildings with hotels, residences, cafes and restaurants are new in. If you wish to put your money in attractive real estate, keep an eye on such properties in the CBD.

These are all the latest and hottest property updates in your hand. Let me know if you want to know more. If you need an expert to connect you to the likes of the above valuable assets, ping me up. I can guide you from start to finish to secure the best property in Singapore pertaining to your demand.