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7 must have F&B licenses in Singapore to start your own business.

Ever considered starting a restaurant, kickstarting a catering or F&B company, or even running a restaurant or pub? You aren’t by yourself.

However, just before you devote one dollar to renovations, paying for tools, or even choosing workers, you can find compulsory permits you want to employ based upon your own food and drink idea.

Therefore, here is helpful information that will assist you to understand different types of permits you are going to be needing and just how far they would cost you for the whole setup.

F&B license

1. F&B License 

It’s mandatory that you have a food shop permit approved before establishing your F&B institution. The F&B permit is attached to the physical shop outlet. You have to cancel any previous license taken out on that place before you can apply for a new one.

Before putting in an application to get a food permit, the applicant might need to make certain they meet the criteria at a pre-application checklist. This includes proper documentation, your F&B layout as well as cleanliness prerequisites.

Price Tag: $195 (legitimate for 1 year old )

Application process: Singapore Food Agency

2. WSQ Food Hygiene Training Course

Food handlers will need to submit an application for this class to receive accreditation for handling any kinds of food and beverage. The WSQ class includes 6 hours of class work along with 1.5 hrs of appraisal. Once you complete the coursework, you will receive a Statement of Attainment (SOA). If you already took the course then you can take another refresher course in 5 year’s time to keep updated on current changes.

Course fee: $18 – $40.50 (based upon business and also volume of exemptions )

Application process: Singapore Food Agency

3. Liquor License

If you want to sell beer or liquor in your store, you will need this license. The Customs (Liquors Licensing) Regulations strictly states that your F&B store needs to have a Liquor license. It must be issued by Liquors Licensing Board (LCB) if you sell any intoxicating beverage.There are a couple of different liquor licenses you can apply for depending on your needs.

There are just 8 types of certification obtainable, that determine how many hours, even at which, how, and to what functions you may offer and disperse alcohol in your store.

Price: Ranges from $110 to $880 (for 12 months) based on the class of license.

Application process: Proceed into the Singapore Police website.

4. MUIS Halal Certification License

To apply for this certification, your store must meet the following three criteria:

  • Halal criteria: raw substances utilized should be Halal and substantiated with supporting files.
  • Staff needed: Two to three muslim staff at each store with a Halal certificate. If you have a catering or kitchen service business, you will need a minimum of 3 Muslim kitchen staff.
  • Eligibility of applicant: You must meet the 10 principles stated in Singapore Muis Halal Quality Management System (HalMQ).

Price: $80.25 to $1,219.80 for food institutions . Browse on the information and classification of all different classes of MUIS Halal Certification permits here.

Application process: Apply to LicenseOne. The auditor will check if you meet all requirements for the application. If everything is good, he will send your documents to MUIS for approval. 

5. Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) License

If you want to incorporate your business, you must obtain an ACRA license.

An ACRA permit is expected in the event you’re carrying any action to get benefits on a continuing basis in your business. The minimum age for enrollment is 18 years old. There are plenty of advantages to acquiring this license as stated below:

  • Public can verify credentials of the store and the owners upon search
  • You can apply fo rGovernment tenders or obtain intellectual property or patents if you discover any new technology, product or service.
  • Your business will be eligible to apply for Government funding such as the ones from Enterprise Singapore

Price: $300.

Application process: Apply to BizFile+. This is the business filing site of ACRA.

6. Import Permit

If you are in the food trading business then Import Permit is a must. Other than that, if your company is involved in any of the following activities you will need the permit as well:

  • Importing, exporting, or Trans-shipping fish and meat
  • Fresh fruits and vegetable imports
  • Table eggs imports

There are various licenses depending on the form of foodstuff you import. To receive a clearer concept which permit is demanded, check out the precise classification of food services and products here.

Price: $84 – $378 (valid for 12 months0 based on the kind of meals you import.

Application process: Apply through GoBusiness licensing Site.

7. Public Entertainment License

If you intend to have any entertainment service added to your F&B outlet, you need this license. Such entertainment may include karaoke, television, gaming machines, etc. To provide your entertainment legally, check out the requirements for the different classes of permit

Price: $44 to $960 (based on entertainment on an ad hoc or daily basis).

Application process: GoBusiness licensing Site.

Additional Grants and Incentives available for your business

Obtaining the above licenses might seem a hassle to you or an extra financial burden. However, having these licenses makes you a legal establishment. You become more trustworthy in the eyes of the public. Moreover, you can be eligible to apply for government grants from Enterprise or Spring Singapore.

Here are some samples of F&B grants that you can apply for your business funding:

  • Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) – If you want to start an automation process business, it will provide 80% of funding for your IT equipment.
  • ESG Food Delivery Booster Package – You can get a Capability Development Pack worth $1,500 if your business operates on Deliveroo, Foodpanda or Grabfood.
  • Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) – This will cover 90% of your cost if you upgrade your business or many any new overseas ventures or discoveries.
  • Digital Resilience Bonus (DRB) – $10.000 is granted to any retail or F&B outlets to install eligible digital solutions.
  • Hawker Productivity Grant (HPG) – In addition to PSG, HPG covers 80% of your automation cost.
  • Jobs Growth Incentive (JGI) – offers salary support if you hire local staff. Hence, 50% reimbursement for staff at 40 years old or above and 25% for those less than 40.

Also, check out Go Business GovAssist website for a more detailed list of grants and incentives. You can even tap into the incentives available in the food industry to get added advantage to take your business funding ahead.

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