The Sail at Marina Bay
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Would you buy a unit at The Sail in Marina Bay at $1 million less than the purchase price?

A unit at 61st level at THE SAIL in Marina Bay is up for sale! That too at $1 million less than the purchase price. Why is the owner selling at a loss? What do you stand to gain? Let’s find out!

Why is the Unit at The Sail at Marina Bay for sale at such a bargain?

This unit is on fire sale because the owner wants to sell the unit fast! Usually, a 3 -bed apartment (1,184 sq.ft) on the 61st floor would cost above $S3000 psf. But this particular unit costs a reduced S$2,195 psf. 

The owner bought the apartment on the 61st floor for S$3.6 million. But due to urgency, he is now selling it at only S$2.6 million. Getting this apartment 10 years later at $1 million less than its purchase price seems to be a super win!

In 2011, one unit at 59th floor was sold at S$3.7 million. Since then no units above the 55th floor of The Sail had been sold. The main cause was the huge price disparity between the floors above 55th level and below 55th level.

Why the huge difference in price above and below 55th level?

Because of the view of course!

Opening to the full bay view of the Marina Bay, the tallest residential building in Singapore is a perfect home for the elite class and ultra high net worths. The 55th level apartment gives you an unblocked view of Singapore in all its glory. But if you buy an apartment below 55th level, the view is only partial, blocked by other buildings.

The excellent strategic location, lower price, lavish facilities combined with this picturesque view makes this particular Sail unit very attractive.

What are the top benefits of finding a home at The Sail?

  • 24 hours security by means of CCTV camera and guarded personnel 
  • A tennis court for sports lovers
  • Sky lounge with open air garden to get some fresh air
  • A well equipped gym and fitness centre to stay fit
  • Playground for kids
  • Spacious car parks to accommodate any size of cars
  • Well maintained swimming and wading pool 
  • Spa pools and steam rooms to unwind and relax
  • BBQ meal for outdoor meals

How accessible is The Sail at Marina Bay?

While amenities and facilities are very important, accessibility is a key factor when buying a property. You don’t want to be stranded in a difficult location where commuting is rare. Thankfully, The Sail is located at Central Business District (CBD). Hence, it is super easy to get public transport right from your apartment. 

The property has direct access to Raffles Place MRT. You can hop on the train directly to avoid the impossible traffic congestion during rush hours. And if you are driving, you can use the Eastcoast parkway Expressway (ECP) to get around.

Why is The Sail an attractive property for the affluentials?

The Sail is located at Marina Bay. This itself makes a case for the elites as they want to be a part of the posh community. Besides, being in the Central district, the unit is in the middle of the main action in Singapore. The surrounding not only provides scenic beauty but also other added amenities. On top of it, there is the Marina Bay Sands Complex. The retail joints available there gives you a great shopping experience. 

  • The Art Science Museum and the landmark architectures make great attractions. The Museum displays 20 galleries capturing the history and culture of Singapore. That makes it a great educational tour for your young family.
  • The iconic Marina Bay Sands Skypark, Singapore Flyer and Marina Bay Sands Casino are must insta worthy places. You can do fun activities and chill around these places to unwind in your free time.
  • More importantly, the place is close to banks, restaurants, hospitals, schools and universities catering to your daily needs.

Would you buy the unit at The Sail – Marina Bay?

The 99 leasehold year building was established in 2009. It houses 1,111 units and 70 floors stretching over 2.24 acres. The complex is modernly designed to accommodate both residential and office complex lifestyle. The retail portion of the property comprises approximately 29,000 sq. ft. 

However, The Sail is best known for its posh residential units. It houses 438 one bed units, 418 two bed units, 175 three bed units and only 75 four bed units. It also has five large penthouses at 9,000 sq ft. each costing $2,080. Sq. ft. 

The unit in question today comprises 3 bedrooms at 1,184 sq. ft. The unit comes with all the lavish amenities and facilities described above. But the cherry on top is that the owner is selling it at a super bargain price. You can grab the unit at $1 million less than the market value that too at full bay view. Being a potentially profitable investment, would you choose to buy this property?

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