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Unlock the secret to maximising your shophouse rental yield

Welcome to this week’s market news update.

If you have been following our last week’s articles, you already participated in our postmortem about the purchase and holding cost of the shophouses, who is eligible and who are not! But if you want to make a profitable investment, that insight enough won’t cut it!

Unlock the secret to maximising your shophouse rental yield

A shophouse with good fundamentals will maximise your rental yield more than the others and a handsome capital appreciation. But you have to know which shophouse to tap on, what to leverage and how to buy what’s best for you!

rental yield


We bring you the highlights of Singapore’s real estate happenings this week! A new development in the Keppel site is making noise and how! Dig in to know more.

9,000 HDB flats, private homes to rise from the Keppel Club site.

A NEW housing development comprising 9,000 residential units – about 6,000 public housing flats and some 3,000 private residential units – will come up on the 48-hectare site of Keppel Club on Singapore’s southern waterfront.

Keppel Club
Keppel Club

Upcoming units at the Keppel Club site will attract keen interest from home buyers

ANALYSTS expect the upcoming public and private housing units on the site currently occupied by Keppel Club to prove a hit with home buyers, thanks to the prime location and the appeal of waterfront living.

home buyers

That’s not all!

Condo resale volumes rebound, up 35.6% in March

CONDOMINIUM resale volumes rebounded in March 2022 after slipping in February, while prices continued upward for the 20th straight month. A majority of resale transactions, or 61.1 per cent, came from the outside of the central region (OCR). About 25.4 per cent of volumes were from the rest of central region (RCR), while 13.6 per cent were from the core central region (CCR).

Condominium resale
Condominium resale

What is leading to this rebound? Last we checked, the cooling measure introduced in 2021 was a setback for many buyers. It will be interesting to know how Singapore real estate has been affected by the cooling measures and how to have the transactions shaped up post the measures until now. 

The effect of the latest cooling measures in Quarter 1 of 2022

The latest cooling measures in Singapore took effect on 16 December 2021. A lot has happened since then. Singapore saw decade-high inflation. The property tax is set to rise nearly twice as much as today by 2024. The world saw the devastating effect of the war on oil prices, which lead to commodities price spikes. How has this affected the housing market in Singapore? More importantly, who was most affected? Tap on the article to read more.

Recently, I had the opportunity to share my insight on BF 89.9: The Property Show with Philips See. We talked about property investments in this time of extreme volatility.

BFM 89.9: The Property Show: Fundamentals of Property Investment in Times of Extreme Volatility

Listen to the podcast to learn what should investors be focusing on during this volatile market period and what is the hotspot for the property market for hedging inflation? 

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