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Commercial properties: HOT or NOT post the latest cooling measures?

Welcome to this week’s market news update.

We are already in quarter 2 of 2022. Singapore properties are turning the sunny side up with the borders reopening and the economy reviving. If you are thinking of growing your investment, the HOT! HOT! Singapore commercial market is your calling. 

Commercial properties in Singapore: HOT or NOT with the latest cooling measures in effect?

The article is an expose of how commercial properties in Singapore are performing in the first quarter of 2022. It can help you to look at whether it’s wise to invest in commercial properties right now. Further, you will see which commercial real estate is dominating the market, thus, having the potential to generate good cash flow and appreciate over time.

Commercial properties
Commercial properties


We bring you the highlights of Singapore real estate this week. It seems that post the cooling measures, residential properties are put up for sale with promotions to motivate buyers to buy.

Price cuts at Perfect Ten condo nettle at least one early buyer

PRICE cuts are ongoing at the recently-launched luxury condominium Perfect Ten in prime District 10, with some discounts exceeding the 5 per cent offered just last December – 3 days after new cooling measures kicked in.

Perfect Ten
Perfect Ten

If you are interested to buy residential property, it is in fact the ideal time. The market has less competition with few buyers on the scene. You can take the advantage of this promising time to buy an undervalued residential property with good prospects.

Wondering what to exactly look for?

A Rare freehold landed site in the Orchard area is expected to draw offers of over S$300m

AN ELEVATED freehold residential landed site at 5 Oxley Rise in District 9 with an enormous size of 151,205 square feet (sq ft) has been put up for sale by public tender, with offers in excess of S$300 million expected.

freehold landed property
freehold landed property

In our UPCOMING SEGMENT, we will talk about stagflation and what it means for Singapore properties. The topic is of imminent importance with the current global events, such as below, affecting real estate.

China’s property sector contracts for the third straight quarter.

CHINA’S property sector contracted for a third straight quarter, a sign that real estate was still dragging on the economy, even before the recent Covid outbreaks and lockdowns began to escalate.

China property
China property

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