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Style Inspiration from the Most Beautiful Shophouses in Singapore

When it comes to property investment in Singapore, the city-state is a top destination for many people. There are some absolutely stunning shophouses in Singapore that offer investors a lot of inspiration. In this blog post, we’ll look at some of the most beautiful shophouses in Singapore and how you can get inspired by their style. And if you’re thinking about investing in a shophouse for sale in Singapore, keep reading! You might just find some inspiration here.


1. Bali Lane shophouse for sale with F&B

shophouse for sale
Image credit: Tyson

This prime-location shophouse for sale is on Bali Lane is up for sale. It enjoys an excellent allowance for F&B usage and is strategically located in an area that enjoys heavy foot traffic. 

The beautiful shophouse with a moss-green facade is perfect for any foodie. This 3-storey building has an incredible location in Haji/Bali Lane, near many popular restaurants and shops! You’ll love this place’s stylish ambience. It’s a little like stepping back in time.

The asking price? S$23 million. But you’ll have no problem renting this baby out because it is already leased out. If you purchase this shophouse, you would be the proud landlord of the lovely Blu Jaz Cafe, so you have a ready tenant in the highly sought-after F&B-with-bar category.

Style Tip

Don’t be afraid to paint your home in a deep, bold hue. You can cut the richness of the colour by adding lively accents to soften up an otherwise strong look.  

2. Black-and-white motif shophouse in Singapore

shophouse for sale
Image credit:  Tatler Asia

Glamour and heritage combine perfectly in this huge shophouse abode on Singapore’s famous Tanjong Road. With its art deco elements mixed with a striking black-and-white palette and various playful touches from Design Intervention, this thoughtfully crafted home creates an eclectic spin on modern influences. 

The entrance to the home is greeted with playful prints from Italian artist Piero Fornasetti. He is one of the owner’s favourite artists. This includes his Teatro wallpaper which adorns a dining area and can be seen as an ideal conversation starter among visiting friends or family members. Apart from that, several well-placed design pieces around the house round out beautiful homes. Due to its extravagant interior, whoever will have this shophouse for sale will be a winner.

Style Tip

Give your walls a makeover by putting up wallpaper with chic and tasteful patterns over choice sections of your home. Be sure to keep certain areas a little more subdued and bare to balance out the style elements. 

3. Stylish shophouse home with retro influences

Image credit: Tatler Asia

The attic space in this house is a place of serenity for the owners and their guests. It’s also home to unique features such as its spacious ceilings. It gives this room an airy feeling that escapes most traditional shophouses. 

Usually, space becomes a living, breathing thing when much thought has been given to how to present it. Linear elements guide one’s attention from the surprising accents on the ceiling. 

With its painted edges cutting the bareness of the space–to the vertical wooden floor panels and handrails, the property reflects all such impressive attributes.

Indeed, the owner’s stylish home combines the best of modern shophouse design with vintage pieces to create a uniquely harmonised look that is refreshing and memorable.

Style Tip

Fill up huge spaces with bold furniture and accents that can be showcased as a focal point without adding clutter to the area. Also, you can play up some base elements, such as the lines and silhouettes of the fixtures and furniture.  This is useful not only for your living but even if you put any of your property or shophouse for sale.

4. Breezy open-space 1920s-style shophouse

Singapore commercial property
Image credit: BluPrint

This elegant shophouse is located on Blair Road, whose architecture is an iconic representation that showcases the first-generation owners’ affluence. The government ensured these homes would be preserved to continue their legacy. 

However, today’s residents like to adapt their homes for contemporary living. Similarly, the owner of this beautiful home wanted major changes to the house’s structure. He wanted the space to be open so that he could watch his kids play in front of him while doing other things. He wanted to maintain a close connection with his kids. So he had much of the space redone. 

When renovation began in 2010, this shophouse was used as an office and had fallen into disrepair. The team that renovated this shophouse did an excellent job restoring it to its original state while making the building comfortable for family life. 

Not only that but what was once a dim space is now bright and breezy. The designers made huge changes to the interiors. They applied “vertical transparency” to allow more light to fill the home, making it the masterpiece it is now. 

Style Tip

If you’re not getting the results you want with your interior decorating and have the means, it might be worth considering renovating the space. This will be ideal if you want to adopt a traditional shophouse for sale and turn it into a modern living shophouse design standard.

In such a case, the function would lead the design, making the transition to a more livable home easier once a new and improved structure has been established.

Own your space: Finding a shophouse for sale

Hopefully, these shophouse design tips have helped to get your creative juices going and inspired you to start redecorating or redesigning the space that you live in. 

If you are looking for a shophouse to make a home of your own, be sure to work with an experienced residential and commercial property agent in Singapore to ensure you don’t miss out on any good property deals. They will guide you with the right location and price for investments.

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