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Inside Out: Rise & fall of property markets as global events unfold

Market Update, Monday, 28 March 2022

Global uncertainty in 2022 has manifested a different property market condition today. With a concoction of inflation hike, recent cooling measures in 2021 and property tax increase in the forthcoming years, current Singapore property transactions paints a different picture than before. To top it off, the energy price sparked due to the Russia-Ukraine invasion which may further boost Singapore’s inflation. This is directly impacting property buyers’ sentiment. 

Analyzing and dissecting the different types of Singapore real estate, our latest article highlights how global events have impacted properties. It further explores the local vs foreign transactions to give you a peek at what the market has to offer to them.

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What you need in TODAY’S MARKET is to buy a property that will give you leverage against rising tax and inflation and has an optimum chance of turning a profit. To find such an undervalued unicorn, READ:

The recent news further highlights which sectors of real estate are rising and which are getting a facepalm due to the slew of current happenings.

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What should be your next move keeping the current real estate market in mind? Should you wait or buy? 

Commercial real estate in Singapore is growing to be the hotspot for many investors. In our next editorial, we will discuss the hacks you should know before investing in a Singapore shophouse.

In the meantime, if you need some sage advice to best strategizes your move for property investment without getting clobbered by current events, talk with me.

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