The shophouse, home to The Premium Pancake, on Kandahar Street, is for sale

Type of Property



Indicative $12 million

Built Size

Approximately 2,575 sqft of gross floor area

Land Size

1,196 sqft

Current Tenancy

$13,700 per month


The 2.5-story shophouse in Kandahar Street is selling at a reasonable price of $12 million. The first floor is rented to the popular F&B, The Premium Pancake. Who does not like to start the day with a heartful breakfast of delicious pancakes? Just saying! 

Anyway, the popular establishment does attract a lot of nearby residents.

Levels 2 and 3 of the shophouse are occupied by offices and fetching rental too.

Highlighted features of the property:

  • Freehold shophouse for sale 
  • Comes with F&B and office usage (2 top preferences for commercial property investors)
  • Ready tenants fetching $13,700 rental per month
  • The Premium Pancake attracts lots of visitors
  • Besides, the nearby streets are lined by popular food joints such as Dong Po Colonial Cafe, Cicheti, Tash Tish Tosh @ 50K, Zarabi, and Bumbu Restaurant.
  • Also close to the trendy Lola Boutique shop
  • Reasonable price in a strategic location

Call 85333888 to enquire more about the location and specifics of the property.

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