Shenton house
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How valuable is the Shenton house at V as a pandemic buy?

A two bedroom unit at V on Shenton is up for sale at S$2.1 million. What are the stakes? And how valuable is the Shenton house? Let’s keep digging.

Shenton house
Source: Edgeprop

What do we know about the Shenton house?

  • The two bedroom unit is priced S$2.1 million translating to S$1,991 psf.
  • This corner unit occupies the 9th floor of Shenton.
  • Stretches upon a decent size of 1,055 sq. ft.
  • Located in prime District 1 in Shenton Way at V on Shenton.
  • The unit has an unlocked view of both the sea and greenery.

The unit is suited for young couples or a small family. If you are looking for an extra room for your growing family, there is also a chance. You can turn the extra study room into a third bedroom for more space. 

With a nice view, the bright and breezy unit can be a comfortable home. Plus, the living room adds an additional section for residents to enjoy cordial family time. The pending auction for the Shenton house is awaiting approval from the bank. If all goes well, the auction will take place on June 23, 2021.

What are the most recent transactions at V on Shenton?

  • A unit on the 31st level was sold at S$1.33 million in April 2019. The unit was 689 sq ft in size and cost 1,931 psf.
  • Another unit on 20th level was sold at S$1.9 million on April 20, 2021. The unit was 1,055 sq ft in size and cost 1,801 psf.

What are the benefits of the Shenton house?

Good capital appreciation

The unit was first bought in Feb 2015 at S$1.98 million translating to S$1,877 psf. After 5 years, the price has appreciated to a healthy growth. This healthy capital appreciation means the Shenton house has potential selling value. Any future buyer can hold on to this appreciation range if they are looking to sell the unit in future.

Excellent accessibility

Being in the prime Central Business District (CBD), the unit is located in a well connected area. The buyer can take advantage of the Shenton Way MRT station on the Thomson East Coast Line. Tanjong Pagar and Downtown MRT stations are also only within walking distance. Hence, the buyer can easily move around using both public commute and private car.

Ample facilities

During the pandemic, people are confined to their own house. This can be devastating if you have little children. Working round the clock and staying home at all times is also challenging for adults. Good news is that this Shenton house comes with a number of facilities. 

It includes a sun deck, pool, private lounge, swivel day beds, an outback grill and outdoor fitness area. The facilities are spread across level 8, 24, 34 and 35. It offers a breath of fresh air to the buyer even if you have to stay inside for your safety from the Covid virus.

Good rental yield

Based on past records, units at Shenton fetches between S$4,500 – S$5,800 a year. So, if the buyer plans to put the unit as investment, this can be their yearly return.

Opportunity to turn into home plus office

With the recent pandemic, many Singaporeans are working from home. Even if they have to visit the office, they try to restrict their travel time as short as possible. This unit being in a prime area can help the buyer to stay near their workplace. 

Plus, they can also turn it into a Small Office Home Office (SOHO) if they are working from home. This particular advantage is generating quite a few leads from investors and young buyers. 

To summarize

Having a house in a prime district with a good location can work in your favour. Plus the Shenton house has ample amenities for growing families and working adults. The benefits offered by the unit certain favours coping with the pandemic situation. If you would like to know more, catch up with me here by dropping a message. 

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