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A freehold bungalow in Astrid Hill is currently being auctioned for more than S$55 million

In Astrid Hill, the old freehold bungalow is next to an older bungalow that Ng Keng Sing purchased last year. The Queen Astrid Park Good Class Bungalow neighborhood contains both properties.

Ng Keng Sing, a director, and co-owner of the oil and gas company Midas NSSG International, has been given the option to buy an old freehold bungalow in Astrid Hill for close to S$55.09 million, translating to S$1,989 psf on 27,699 land area.

Highlights of the Freehold Bungalow!

  • The cost is S$1,989 per square foot (psf) on a 27,699-square-foot plot of land (sq ft).
  • The freehold bungalow is close to another outdated house that Ng purchased last year for S$44.3 million, or S$1,413 per square foot, on a 31,359-square-foot plot of land.
  • Both properties are located in Queen Astrid.

An experienced GCB agent says the Astrid Hill deal at S$1,989 psf price is a “good buy” for recent circumstances as there are only limited such bungalows available in the area.

Ng family is probably going to join the two plots and redevelop them into one or multiple bungalows. Together, they will have a land area of 59,060 sq. ft., giving more opportunities to build the property luxuriously with more amenities.

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