Sneak peek on How to Make Shophouses a HOT CASHFLOW asset?

Starting as a fitness instructor almost 2 decades ago, my journey has been one roller coaster ride. While building my real estate business from the ground, there has been many potholes and jump ropes.

However, my decades of experience in the Singapore property industry have helped me to pick up valuable property insight, strategies and hacks that can help buy profitable shophouses of your choice. I have become the founder of Commercial Realty blog, Group Director at Propnex Singapore, and co-founder and team leader of the Luxury Team in PropNex. 

The purpose of producing this book is to pick out the right information for buyers interested in buying shophouses. I have picked the most essential points, concepts, opinions and strategies to help you make an informed decision when considering shophouses.

What we will cover in the book:

  • A background understanding of commercial properties.
  • Background of different types of shophouses.
  • The different zones shophouses belong to and how they matter.
  • The cost of buying and holding shophouses.
  • The strategies to apply regarding shophouses location, zoning and usage allowances to optimise your return earnings.
  • The different licenses and certificates that are useful in running F&B businesses in shophouses.
  • A discussion on current Singapore’s housing policy and economy in terms of cooling measures and global events.
  • Finally, the best time to buy shophouses.

At the end of the chapters, you will have a full picture of shophouses in Singapore, what to consider when buying them and the timing and strategies you can apply to maximise your return from the property.

The best strategy to secure hot cash flow churning shophouses, or securing any kind of asset is to surround yourself with the right information. I make it super easy to share this great information with your friends to learn, share and depart and use your shophouses knowledge in the right channel.